‘Judge DREDD’ strategy

“The ‘Judge DREDD’ is a semi-automatic strategy that is monitored by risk manager but operated by artificial intelligence. It chooses entry /exit points independently, and places stop-signals”.

Alexander Butmanov
The founder of the FinTech company DTI Algorithmic

The strategy is directed to yield high returns on classical instruments

Minimum deposit: 50000
Currency USD
Recommended time horizon for the investment is 3 months
Risk level: medium
Expected return is 30%* per annum.
Strategy goal:

Building a long-term portfolio with consistent returns.

Key points:
Investment philosophy of the strategy:

Investment philosophy of the strategy: There are always undervalued companies in any industry regardless of which market they are traded on. The stock prices of this type of companies are cheap, because they lack attention by investors. The strategy focuses on finding stocks, which are traded at a significant discount, but generate consistent income. They are bought at this point in time and sold when they get mainstream attention and their stock price enjoys a reasonable valuation.

Yield indicators:
Monthly standard deviation: 3,42%
Annual standard deviation: 6.29%
Best monthly return: 11,66%
Worst monthly return: -2,17%
The ratio of positive to negative months: 61,9%
Maximum consecutive positive months: 6
Maximum consecutive negative months: 3
The Sharpe ratio: 1,7
The Sortino ratio: 0,64
The process:

The initial selection of stocks, which have the potential to breakout, is done using technical analysis. After that, fundamental analysis is applied to further identify best companies for the investment. The most important factors to consider during the analysis are:

  • Решения центральных банков
  • Отчетность компаний
  • Ключевые новостные события
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec ‘Judge DREDD’ S&P500
2018 0,17% -2.17% -1.24$ -0.25% 4.26% 0.03% -0.26% 1.03% 4.07%%
2017 3.46% 8.66% -0.675 2.97% 2.63% -0.38% -1.83% -0.28% 3.12% 6.64% -4.04% 8.89% 37.25% 18.42%
2016 -0.19% 0.15%% 10.68% 1.78% 11.66% 24.08% 11.96%

Management fee: 2% of Net Asset Value per annum. Charged quarterly at the rate of 0.5%.
Success fee: 20% of profit. Charged quarterly. Brokerage and exchange fees, taxes are not included.

Recommended time horizon for the investment is 6 months. Clients will be able to disconnect from our strategies at any time

Minimum deposit required to open an account with Interactive Brokers is $50000.

Transferring or withdrawing funds from the account is not restricted in any form

* Future returns are not guaranteed. Investing in the stock market always bears a certain type of risk, which is difficult to foresee. Future returns are calculated and based on our historical performance. DTI Algorithmic reserves the right to use investment tools other than mentioned above in order to protect investors from potential losses. The minimum period of time to be invested in our strategies is 6 months after initial funding.Minimum deposit is $50,000 or equivalent amount in the other currencies. Only the clients themselves have the authority to transfer or withdraw funds, as our strategies are run on their own brokerage accounts.