Make money
on the US stock market

We manage assets on your insured account*.
We provide our services to those, who value professional financial expertise.

*Cash and securities on each of our client’s Interactive Brokers accounts (including sub-accounts) are insured by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and London based Lloyd’s insurance company for up to $30,000,000.
Remaining cash on the account balance (as well as sub-account balance) is additionally insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to $2,500,000 in total.


The strategies we use, pass a long way of testing and examination by our team of experts. Our traders and analysts develop a trading idea using market inefficiency and the correlation between different securities. The team of IT specialists convert those ideas into trading systems. Then, derived trading algorithms are further back-tested on a long historical data. At the final stage, trading on live accounts is initiated.

Information about our strategies can be found below:

More about
the strategy

‘Kalashnikov Gun Machine’ strategy

The strategy is well-suited for those investors, who would prefer to follow the overall market trend and avoid being caught on the short-term price fluctuations.
Risk level
Expected return
Type of trading Automatic

Entry from 50 000$

Time horizonfrom 6 mon.


Expected return18%*

More about
the strategy

‘Judge DREDD’

The strategy aims to yield high returns on traditional financial instruments.

Risk level
Expected return
Type of trading Semiautomatic

Entry from 50 000$

Time horizon from 6 mon.

Fees 2/20

Expected return 30%*

* Future returns are not guaranteed. Investing in the stock market always bears a certain type of risk, which is difficult to foresee. Future returns are calculated and are based on our historical performance. DTI Algorithmic reserves the right to use investment tools other than mentioned above in order to protect investors from potential losses. The minimum period of time to be invested in our strategies is 6 months after the initial funding.
Minimum deposit is $50,000 or equivalent amount in the other currencies.Only the clients themselves have the authority to transfer or withdraw funds, as our strategies are implemented on their own brokerage accounts.

How we work

Our services are delivered on the Interactive Brokers platform, which is the biggest brokerage firm in the world with the $6.3bln of market capitalization and $116bln of clients assets. According to Standard & Poor's Financial Services the firm carries a credit rating of BBB+, which is higher than the sovereign credit ratings of many countries. The clients assets are fully insured by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

These facts demonstrate the credibility of the brokerage and encourage our collaboration with them. The auto-follow function of the platform allows its users to link their accounts to others and duplicate their trade operations. DTI Algorithmic has its own corporate trading accounts with running algorithms on IB, to which other accounts may be linked.

Our clients open their own trading accounts on IB and link them to one of our corporate accounts.

Algorithms on our accounts send real-time trading signals to our clients accounts, which are executed simultaneously on both accounts.

Frequency and proportionality of signals depend on the investment strategy chosen by our clients.

The main benefits for clients when choosing this type of asset management are:

  • The client has real-time control over the assets management;
  • The client has an option to terminate the management at any time by pressing a button;
  • The management is constrained to only those strategies, which are approved beforehand by both sides;
  • The assets cannot be withdrawn from clients’ account.

About us

Financial technology company DTI Algorithmic was founded in the business incubator of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in 2010. The company provides financial and investment planning services to individuals.

DTI Algorithmic is a leading algorithmic fund in Russia, which specializes on trading stocks and ETFs on global financial markets, including USA, Russia, Europe and Asia. The company uses advanced trading platform, which allows running algo trading strategies with 150 orders per second. Monte-Carlo simulations of our strategies coincide with trading results with 97% accuracy.

Investors use our services to generate some savings or to yield consistent returns on their investments. We educate our clients about alternative sources of passive income and help to choose suitable strategy according to their preference of particular risk/reward ratio.